Apparently a Real Item

How To Live With A Huge Penis book
On sale at

A must have on any harriers bookshelf

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Test Entry - PH3 Beer Holders


New PHHH beer holders for sale

Posted by webmaster at 04:12 PM

Test Entry - PH3 Yard Sale

PH3 Trail Sale, 10-5 p.m. Gigantic yard sale at Dick-toters. All hashers bring your shiz to Dick-toters Saturday morning. All proceeds go to PH3. Hash at 6 p.m. BBQ, beer, fire at 9 p.m. Meet at Dick's house, 10th and Lincoln. Also, Saturday, June 12: SteepHill Run, 8 a.m., Hugh Mungus. NCAA championships all day.

Posted by webmaster at 03:58 PM
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