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RUN No: 2229
Date: 2019-11-30
Venue: Ladang Guru Nanak
Hare: Candy Harjeet
Co-Hare(s): The Three Musketeers
Scribe: Graham Melvin
Comic: Norman

GPS: 3.411541, 101.624902
- Exit N-S highway at junction 117, Sungai Buaya, zero trip meter at toll.
- 0.45km traffic lights turn LEFT onto route 1208 towards Serendah
- 3.25km traffic lights at T junction turn RIGHT towards Sungai Choh
- 3.9km traffic lights go STRAIGHT
- 6.5km traffic lights at T junction turn LEFT onto route 1 towards Serendah
- Pass through Serendah
- 15km exit to the RIGHT at signpost to LADANG GURU NANAK
- Take Jalan Kuching out of KL and use the Rawang bypass to Serendah / Ipoh
- Exit onto highway 1 and proceed North
- At the first set of traffic lights, zero trip meter and pass through Serendah
- 6.1km exit to the RIGHT at signpost to LADANG GURU NANAK

The road crosses a bridge over the road and railway line
Park on ONE SIDE of the road only! Large trucks frequently use it.

Serendah Garden Restaurant (SGR) 双文丹花园餐厅
(Yes, the same as last week - but a different menu!)
47, Jalan Besar
Kampung Datuk Harun, 48200 Serendah, Selangor
GPS: 3.367846,101.606063
- Drive back to Serendah
- Look out for the Caltex Petrol Station on your left, move into the left lane
- After 200m go straight at the traffic lights
- Approx 100m after the traffic lights take the slip road to the left
- (this is immediately after a bus shelter)
- The main highway is now to your right
- After a further 150m you will cross a bridge
- The first building you see 50m in front of you is the restaurant
- Park neatly on the right
- Take the steps down to the garden
- If you go past the restaurant, take the first left and then left again
- Park here and continue walking to the end of the street an turn left