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Please confirm your run and submit your rdirections no later than two weeks before your run. Send by e-mail to the On-Sec. If you for some reason can’t set the run allocated to you, feel free to find somebody to swap with and let the Trailmaster know who you are swapping your run with and on what date . If you are new to setting runs, check this printable Run Guide and enlist the help of a more experienced hasher.

Obtain permission from the land owner or manager to park and use the runsite to avoid any problems such as demands for parking fees.

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Run NoRun DateHareVenueOccasionComicReport
178207 May 2011Roelof SchoemakerAgrotek, Hulu LangatDutch National Day
183512 May 2012Manuel Riezebos1km after Hutan Rekreasi Sg LalangDutch National Day
143007 Aug 2004Terry GardnerSg Sendat,Ulu YamDynamite 5
165820 Dec 2008Barry SageSerendah WaterfallFarewell Run
198818 Apr 2015Bart DeVriesSg TekaliFarewell Run
200622 Aug 2015Trui KnijnenburgTTDI Bukit KiaraFarewell Run
200408 Aug 2015Tommy ChinJanda BaikFishy Run & Durians
220515 Jun 2019Nick MorssUlu ReningGawaiPang SW
189215 Jun 2013Nick MorssJanda Baik, Private ParkGawai  31st May
199613 Jun 2015Mary MorssHulu Hati Homestay, Batu 18, Hulu LangatGawai / Kaamatan
152610 Jun 2006Ben KulenDesa Subang Permai/Bukit CahayaGawai Festival
173405 Jun 2010Rita ScourseGenting Valley, Batang KaliGawai/Kamaatan Run
212823 Dec 2017Neil CampbellSMK Seri HartamasGM's 70th Birthday!Lim CL
Showing 807-819 of 926 items.