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Directions to Run 1403 :31 January 2003

Venue : Janda Baik - NO DOGS ALLOWED
Hare : The Australians
Co-Hare : Even More Australians
Scribe : David Wee
Comic : Terry Gardener
Directions : Depart from KL towards Genting Highlands
Pass through the Toll [Collect receipt for instant refund from Sammy Veloo’s
office, good luck!!]
Go through the tunnel. [Terror-wong]
Turn Left for Janda Baik approx 500 meters from tunnel exit.
Pass Petronas on ur left, pass McDonalds on ur Right.
Continue straight ahead and take right, then left turn towards Janda Baik
Continue on this road until the right turn under the archway towards Kampong
Sum Sum.
There will be Hash signs from the McDonalds turn. For the blind take a

Please note no dogs – this a private sanctuary that we are using with the permission of the owner. In addition if you bring children please ensure that they do not chase or disturb the wildlife which includes some rare species that are being encouraged to breed.

There is a swimming pool.

A long sleeve shirt is recommended for the ON ON

There are beds for those who wish to stay overnight – but you will need you own sheet, pillowcase and blanlet and remember this is up higher and therefore cooler than KL at night. When you leave on Sunday please leave RM5 under the pillow for the cleaners.