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Run 1466 : 16 April 2005

Venue : Kundang Lake
Hare : Nurul Nawi
Co-Hare : Peter Brooke, Hugh Murray
Scribe : Angie Yoa
Comic : Colin Hercus
Directions : Leave KL on North South highway going North. Exit at Sungai Bulloh Toll, and set tripometer to 0km. At 0.1km turn sharp left towards Kuala Selangor (away from KL). At 1.3km cross large traffic lights with lots of roadworks. At 2.8km be in right hand lane and go up over flyover. Carry on straignt past all junctions and at 5.8km T-junction turn left. At 8.2km go straight over traffic lights. At 10.0km go under new bridge and 50m later do sharp left U-turn onto single lane of tarmac (You can drive on the dirt beside this). Lake is now on your right, at 10.2km turn right and park next to lake and the haremobile(s) blue 4 wheel drive(s).