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Directions to Run 1694 - 29th August

Merdeka Run

Venue: Ulu Yam (before Chicken Farm)
Hare: Dhila Fuad
Co-Hares: 1-Malaysia team
Scribe: Juliana Cann
Comic: Don Cheang

Directions : Travel whichever way to Rawang. Go through Rawang and head up old Ipoh Road passing Serendah, the big Golf Ball and Antara Gapi and 400 meters after "IPOH 160km" milestone(approx 16km from Rawang) turn left at ELF sign. Then
Right and then left. Drive on the pebble road for 300 meters and park in uncompleted factory. Note that if you pass a Supermarket on you right on the main road you have gone 200 meters too far.

ON ON - Restoran 218. Serendah
Directions : Drive back to Serendah and exit. At traffic lights at BHP petrol station reset trip meter. At 300 meters turn right and drive for another 600
Meters. Rest is on RHS.

Note : If you reach the traffic light at Sg Choh you have gone too far.