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Run 1832 - 21st April 2012

Run-site: Pulau Carey
Hare: Roger "Chicken Head" Gregson
Co-Hares: Rob Stott, Jim O'Hara, Rashid Esa
Scribe: Alvin Chah
Comic: Peter "Snufflelofagus" Cann


Get to exit 502 on Kesas highway E5,
Exit E5 and set tripmeter as you turn left onto route 5 to Banting.
At km9.3 traffic lights road makes left turn, follow this turn to the left.
At km10.3 get in right lane,
At km10.5 roundabout exit 12 O'clock.
At km12.0 turn right into Jalan Pulau Carey.
At km19.0 note sign to Kg Sg Bumbun, (On On venue is down this road)
Carry on to end of road at km27.8, do not drive into the sea.
Hare's car green Terrano WHC 9758.

Note to families with children.
There is a nice beach 1km from the runsite. The run coincides with a high tide; the tide will be coming in at the start of the run. High tide is 17.56. As far as the hare is aware the higher sections of the beach remain dry. Youngsters are not recommended to go into the mangrove swamp without adult supervision.

The plan is to conduct the circle at the On On venue, NOT the run site.
Please get your drink at the run site, get into your vehicle and drive to the onon venue for your bath/shower/ablutions.

On On:
Kg Sg Bumbun Mah Meri Cultural Centre.
Set tripmeter at run site
At km8.8 turn right at sign to Kg Sg Bumbun,
Follow road to right and park inside compound on your left at km9.4.