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Directions to Run 2114 - 16 September 2017

Hare: Adam Armstrong
Venue: Broga Hill
Hare: Adam Armstrong
Co-Hares: Andre Sutter + others
Scribe: Liz Tan
Comic: Lim


GPS: N 2.945230, E 101.912068

Waze, Google Maps: Paradise Valley Resort Broga

1) From Cheras Sentral Mall (formerly Phoenix Plaza) head South on the E7
Lebuhraya Cheras-Kajang
2) Exit706 to E18 Seremban, Semenyih, Bandar Sg. Long.
3) After the left turn onto Jalan Sg. Long , travel appox. 500m and exit left to E18 KLIA,
Semenyih, Putrajaya, Seremban (E18 KAJANG SILK)
4) Exit 1804A Semenyih, Seremban onto the Kajang Semenyih By Pass.
5) Exit 2101A Rincing, Semenyih.
6) Pass through 3 sets of traffic lights in Semenyih town.
7) Turn left into B34 signposted Broga /Nottingham University. Set trip meter to 0.
8) After approximately 7.4 km, turn left into Jalan Kampung Tarun Broga.
9) Drive through Chinese Kampung following the Paradise Valley Resort signs.
10) Park along roadside prior to reaching Paradise Valley Resort which is end of the

On On: Kedai Makanan Ja Xiang (the old Hash favourite)
Location: Jalan Broga, Broga Lenggeng.

Waze, Google Maps: Kedai Makanan Ja Xiang