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Run 2120 - 28 October 2017

Venue: Bukit Tagar (close to the highway)
Hare: Laurence Renshaw (Mosquito)
Co-Hare: Pang Soo Wah
Scribe: John Lavelle
Comic: Sharleen


Waze doesn't know the little roads, but you can ask it to take you to "Plaza Tol Bukit Tagar" and then follow the directions below.

Take the N-S highway North to exit 119, Bukit Tagar.
At the toll, set your tripmeter.
After here, you can just follow hash signs if you're alert, especially for the first one!

0.4km (i.e. after only 400 metres) - turn LEFT onto a small unannounced road (practically invisible until you're on it) that goes down and curves to the right under the main road you just turned off.
If you were day-dreaming and missed this turn, take the first available U-turn (after about 1km) and then turn left 400 metres before the toll (if you miss that too, go to Bukit Beruntung and wait for us at the restaurant).

0.5km - go under the road and then keep LEFT at the fork (a right here leads back up to the toll).

1.9km - turn LEFT.

3.2km - turn LEFT.

4.5km - with a large house on your left, turn RIGHT and park near the old house on stilts.

If you need more space or privacy (Daniel), drive across the metal bridge, over a clear stream (perfect for paddling in to clean muddy shoes).

The road is tarmac all the way, with occasional toppings of mud and an interesting ripply effect in places, so it's fine for any normal car, but take it easy and don't be tempted to short-cut along newly-bulldozed mud roads leading down precipitous slopes.

On-On: Full Moon Seafood Restaurant, Jalan Adenium 2g/6, Bukit Beruntung

Directions for modern folk: Ask your Waze-powered self-driving electric car to take you to "Full Moon Seafood"
Directions for old-timers:
- Head back to Bukit Tagar toll (left out of the run-site, right, right again, then left up to the main road) and head South towards KL.
- After 4 minutes on the N-S highway (3 minutes for the speedsters), take exit 118 for Bukit Beruntung.
- Go through the toll and turn RIGHT at the traffic lights.
- At the next traffic lights, turn RIGHT into a shop-lot area and then immediately LEFT.
- Go down to the end of the block, RIGHT at the bottom and then RIGHT again, and the Full Moon is on your right after 200 or 300 metres.
This restaurant may look small from the outside, but it's a Tardis, and they might hide us away in a large private room to protect the innocent.

On On!