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PH3 40th Anniversary

The 40th Anniversary of PH3 is this year and we are celebrating it with a Hash Ball on Friday 3rd March and a special run on Saturday 4th March. Please come and help us celebrate.

Download the forms here

PH3 40th Anniversary Registration Form for Members

PH3 40th Annivesary Beer Pledge Form

PH3 40th Anniversary Registration Form for Guests


Friday 3rd March - the ball
A formal ball at the Royal Lake Club, starting at 7pm.
Tickets are RM120 for members and RM200 for guests up to 31st January. RM150/250 after that.
Ticket price includes: meal, beer & wine, entertainment, disco.
Saturday 4th March - the run
Choice of 3 runs: short (5km), normal (8km), long(12km).
Cost is RM30 for members and RM100 for guests up to 31st January. RM50/150 after that.
This includes: the run, snacks, drinks and beer at the runsite (including for non-beer drinking members), On-on food and beer, freebies, more entertainment. Wine will be on sale at a subsidised price too.
To assist in keeping the costs to embers down, we are requesting beer pledges.