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Directions to Run 1825 - 03 March 2012

Run-site:Subang Estate
Hares: Nan and the Chili's Mob
Scribe: Neil Craggs
Comic: Dave Parks
our lovely and beloved oil palm estate


-Get onto the NKVE.
-Head south towards Shah Alam and take Exit 103, signposted Bukit Jelutong/Shah Alam. This is the exit immediately after the exit for KLIA.
- Trip Odometer at Toll.
- Follow signboard 'Bkt. Jelutong/Shah Alam/Ipoh' taking road going up through the middle and left.
- Follow this road and do not exit at 1.3 km for Bkt. Jelutong.
- Keep following this main road and do not take Exit 3506 at 2.5 km signposted 'Bkt. Jelutong/Kg. Subang/Batu Arang'.
Follow signboard for 'K. Selangor/Sg. Buloh/Bukit Subang/Ipoh/Rawang'.
- At 3.8 km go through toll. You are now on the infamous Guthrie Corridor Expressway.
- At 7.7 km take Exit 3505 signposted Bukit Subang/Sg. Buloh.
- At 7.9 km at the top of the exit turn left to Bukit Subang.
- 1st Roundabout take 3:00 exit (right) direction.
- At stop sign turn left.
- Pass Petronas Petro on your left and park at the end of this road in an orderly fashion.
- Get out of carriage and begin gossiping with others.
- Install running shoes on feet - one at a time.
- Look for paper but continue with the gossiping.
- Hares Carriage: Big Black Beauty named/tagged WWJ 1981.


On On at Choong Foong Seafood Restaurant.