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2164 Date 1 September 2018
Venue: Kampung Kundang Baru
Hare: Peter Miller
Co-Hare: GM
Scribe: Amy Lee
Comic: Norman Lim


Waze: Knine Professional Dog Services, JalanTambahan 11, Rawang
Turn left when you see Knine Professional Dog Services ahead of you and drive600m to runsite.

1. Go north on E1 North/South Highway
2. Take Exit 115 (Rawang S) to E35 GuthrieCorridor to Shah Alam/Klang
3. After toll, take 2nd exit to E25 Latartowards Kuala Selangor/Lumut/Betari Jaya
4. Take Exit 2505 to Kundang
5. Zero tripmeter at toll
6. 0.5km, at traffic lights turn right
7. 1.1km at signpost for Balai Polis turn leftinto Jalan Sekolah
8. After Balai Polis and school, at 1.7km turnleft
9. 2.0km, turn left
10. 2.4km, turn left beside T&K Automation.KNine Professional Dog Services just ahead of you.
11. 3.0km, arrive at runsite. Park on big openlaterite area. Hares car: Red Mitsubishi Outlander VBE190

On-On: Heng Hin Seafood Restaurant, Bukit RahmanPutra

Waze: Heng Hin Seafood Restaurant

1. Set tripmeter to 0 and head back towardsLatar Highway
2. 0.9km, turn right at green wall
3. 1.2km, turn right into Jalan Sekolah
4. 1.8km, turn right onto main road
5. 7.7km, go straight at traffic lights
6. 9.6km, go past school with purple wall
7. 10.1km, turn right at traffic lights (SekysenU20 sign)
8. 10.3km, turn left
9. Restaurant is 200m on the right