A group of people who run for fun every Saturday afternoon and then socialise over a few beers afterwards
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2158 Date 21 July 2018
The Hare...
Margie Chan
Venue: Bukit Tadun
Hare: Margie Chan
Co-Hares: Ken Gurusamy and Pang
Scribe: Pui Saw Hua
Comic: Sharleen

GPS: 3.256494, 101.545024

- Drive to Bukit Rahman Putra, entering via the usual flyover and all the way (about 2.7 km) on the main road.
- At T-junction traffic lights the end of the road, zero trip meter and turn left.
- Arrive at another set of traffic lights after 2.1 km and turn right, heading towards Kuang.
- Turn left at 4.2 km (signposted Bukit Tadun) and go uphill.
- Follow hash signs to run site

Heng Hin Seafood Restaurant,
Bukit Rahman Putra

Waze: Heng Hin Seafood Restaurant
Address: No 46A, Jalan BRP 6/11, Bukit Rahman Putra, 47000 Sungai Buloh, Selangor.

1. Set tripmeter to 0 and head back towards Latar Highway
2. 0.9km, turn right at green wall
3. 1.2km, turn right into Jalan Sekolah
4. 1.8km, turn right onto main road
5. 7.7km, go straight at traffic lights
6. 9.6km, go past school with purple wall
7. 10.1km, turn right at traffic lights (Sekysen U20 sign)
8. 10.3km, turn left
9. Restaurant is 200m on the right
Run 2159 Date 28 July 2018
The Hare...
Raymond Lai

Venue: Lover's Bridge, Tanjung Sepat, SelangorTadun
Hare: Raymond Lai
Co-Hares: Surprise
Scribe: Margie Chan
Comic: Choo NK

GPS: 2.657529, 101 .556401
2°39'27.1"N 101°33'23.0"E
Waze: Lover's Bridge Tanjung Sepat
about 95 KM from PJ, 1 hr 30 min drive, via MEX highway, Sepang, etc.

Google Map: Lover's Bridge Tanjung Sepat - about 85 KM from PJ, 1
hr 30 min drive, via Elite highway, SKVE, Route 5(Jalan Banting), Morib
Beach, etc.(Recommended)

Run Directions:
1. Take Elite Highway southbound to KLIA from NKVE, exit at 606 Bandar
   Saujana Putra, " 0 " tripmeter at toll gate.
2. 1.1 KM - At roundabout, take 12 O'clock exit, enter SKVE toll,
   keep right and turn to Banting, Teluk Panglima Garang, etc.
3. 14.6 KM - Exit at 2609 to Teluk Panglima Garang
4. 15.1 KM - Turn Left towards Banting
5. 26.5 KM - Go up a bridge
6. 33.5 KM - Turn Right towards Morib at junction
7. 39.0 KM - Morib Beach on your Right
8. 43.4 KM - Gold Coast Morib Resort on your Right
9. 50.0 KM - Restaurant Asam Batu Laut on your Right
10. 56.5 KM - Turn Right to Tanjung Sepat, Arch Sign "Tanjung Sepat", 1st Hash Sign
11. 57.0 KM - Turn Left , 2nd Hash Sign
12. 57.3 KM - Turn Right , 3rd Hash Sign
13. 57.6 KM - Run Site Lover's Bridge

On On Restaurant Ban Joo Heng 018 - 287 8228 Ben , on your Right, where the Seafood On-on will be held.

**Important** Please park as far as possible from Lover's Bridge, leave some space for general public.