A group of people who run for fun every Saturday afternoon and then socialise over a few beers afterwards
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NOTICE ———————
Will be hosted by the KL Full Moon H3 on Sunday, 10 September.
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NEXT RUN ——————
Run 2110 - 19 August 2017

Venue: Pangsun, Ulu Langat
Hare: Dorian Landers "Kojak"
Co-Hares: ?
Scribe: Sim Campbell
Comic: Maria

Directions :
Waze it ! - N3 12.667 E101 51.756

Old style – read and get going
Longer - From PJ and KL, make your way to Cheras expressway heading towards Kajang. Make sure Cheras Sentral Mall (ex-Phoenix Plaza) is on your right as you head towards the first toll. At toll, pay up and '0' trip meter. About 300m after the toll turn LEFT to Ulu Langat and Pekan Batu 9. Drive through the village and at traffic lights at the police station turn LEFT.
Stay on this road (B52) passing Ulu Langat mosque on the left at about 8.8km. Go straight at traffic light heading towards Pangsun. At 16km pass thru small village of Pekan Batu 18 while still going straight. About 22km watch for Hash signs. Turn left at 22.1 km and go up the steep hill to the “BIG” parking on left by hash-mobile silver X-Trail WLM 9319.

From Ampang, Kepong, SierraMas, Melawati, take MRR2, exit Jalan Ampang at Ampang point, going east towards Ampang village, follow the road and go over the hill from Ampang town towards Ulu Langat Pekan batu 14. Turn left on main road at mosque towards Pangsun. Drive 13.3km and park as above.

On On: Ah Soon Ulu Langat Seafood and Beer garden. Waze it!

Drive 13km back to Ulu Langat, turn left at traffic light onto Jalan Sungai Tekali/B116. After 350 m turn right at the bridge, drive about 800m and turn left.

What it is:
Pangsun is a classic and one of the best hashing terrain around KL. Tall jungle trees, old rubber plantations, durian orchards, ginger, lemon grass, bamboo groves, good trails, shiggy, clear stream and superb jungle. Gibbons, panthers, wild boars, dragonflies and maybe also a visit to Kojak’s field of fairies. All for a great hash run. NO LATE STARTERS ! It’s dark jungle and you do not want to sleep there.
Run 2111 - 26 August 2017

MERDEKA RUN – Please bring along your favourite Merdeka Shirt for the On On

Note: This is a special celebration run with freebies and food etc.
Guest/Visitor fee is RM 65 & Guest kids pay RM15 with no freebie.

Venue: Langat Ah Soon Seafood and Beer Garden Restaurant
Hare: Emilia
Co-Hares: Jeff Khoo and Anak-Anak Malaysia
Scribe: Dorian Landers
Comic: Sharleen


GPS: E101.816617 N3.106333
Waze: Langat Ah Soon Seafood

Route 1:
Make your way to the Cheras Expressway (E7) heading toward Kajang.
Cheras Sentral Mall (formerly Phoenix Plaza) is on your right as you head toward the toll.
About 300m after the toll turn LEFT to Jalan Ulu Langat (B52) heading toward Ulu Langat and Pekan Batu 9. At Pekan Batu 14's cross-junction traffic lights with the yellow domed mosque on your LEFT, turn RIGHT onto Jalan Sungai Tekali (B116). Drive over a short bridge and after 50 metres, turn RIGHT at the signboard that points to Langat Seafood and Beer Garden.

Route 2:
Find your way to Jalan Ampang going east toward Bukit Belacan, turn RIGHT on Jalan Taman Putra, follow the road for 6 kilometres and then turn LEFT at Jalan Ulu Langat (B62).
After another 7 kilometres, and at the T-junction traffic lights at Pekan Batu 14 (with the yellow dome mosque on your RIGHT), turn RIGHT, keep LEFT and turn onto Jalan Sungai Tekali (B116).
Drive over a short bridge and after 50 metres, turn RIGHT at the signboard that points to Langat Seafood and Beer Garden.

Please park to the RIGHT as you enter the restaurant compound, as requested by the restaurant proprietress. As space can be limited, do park tightly so that more cars can be accommodated. Tq.

ON-ON: On-site