The (mis-)management committee

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GM Neil Campbell gm[at]
JM1 Yoong Nim Chee jm1[at]
JM2 Nigel Butterfield jm2[at]
On Sec Liz Mullis onsec[at]
On Cash Barry Sage oncash[at]
Asst. On Sec Rose Yusoff assistonsec[at]
Asst. On Cash Emilia Charles assistoncash[at]
Trailmaster Roger Gregson hareline[at]
Haberdashery Soo Kan Hoy
Committee Lim Chun Leong
Committee Pang Soo Wah
Committee Choo Nai Kwong
Committee Sim Campbell
Committee Maria Galindon
Committee Sharleen Cooney
Committee Paul Kirkman

Membership and fees

Membership fees become due on the first day of January; April; July; and October every year. Kindly pay the On Cash, or the Assistant On Cash at the runsite. However, the preferred method of payment is on-line so Members may consider e-banking by online transfer to:

Name of account: Petaling Hash House Harriers
Account Number: 3121841719
Bank Address: Bukit Damansara Branch, 36-40 Medan Setia 2, Plaza Damansara, Bukit Damansara, 50490 KL.
Bank Swift Code: PBBEMYKL

When making the transfer, please print and submit copy of the transaction receipt to On Cash
Contact E-mail: oncash[at]
Important note: To facilitate collection of subs, members who intend to apply for Leave Of Absence (LOA) will have to put in their request one quarter prior to when LOA is to take effect.
Also, members who intend to resign are requested to send an email to the On Sec or the On Cash to inform the committee two weeks prior to the date of leaving. This will prevent unnecessary accumulation of outstanding subs being taken into the accounts and having to be recovered from the member.
Guest fee is RM40 and is to be paid before the start of the run.
Memberhip fees are:
RM200 per quarter for all males and ladies who wish to drink beer;
RM100 per quarter for ladies who do not wish to drink beer.
New members can join PH3 after running at least three times as a guest and must pay a registration fee of RM50 in addition to the quarterly subscription.