Membership and fees

Membership is open to all persons irrespective of sex, race, or nationality. No University or University College student may be a member without the written permission of the Vice-Chancellor concerned.
Membership fees become due on the first day of January; April; July; and October every year. The preferred method of payment is through 'e-banking', either by making an online transfer or at an ATM machine to the following recipient:

Name of bank:
Name of account:
Petaling Hash House Harriers
Account Number:
Bank Address:
Bukit Damansara Branch, 36-40 Medan Setia 2, Plaza Damansara, Bukit Damansara, 50490 KL.
Bank Swift Code:

When making the transfer, please print and submit copy of the transaction receipt to the On Cash Email
Payment may also be made in cash or by cheque handed to the On Cash, or the Assistant On Cash at the runsite.

Important note:
Members who intend to apply for Leave Of Absence (LOA) will have to formally submit their request one quarter prior to when the LOA is to take effect.
Also, members who intend to resign are required to inform the On Sec or the On Cash, in writing or by e-mail, two weeks prior to their intended date of leaving. This will prevent unnecessary accumulation of outstanding subscriptions being taken into the accounts and having to be recovered from the member.


The Guest fees are RM50 for all adult guests and RM10 for youngsters below 18, and must be paid before the start of the run.
Note: Guest fees at 'special' runs, such as at the AGM or on Merdeka day, may be higher.
Guest fees may be waived for accompanying drivers and maids, who will not be entitled to any refreshments.
Membership fees are:
RM220 per quarter for all males and ladies who wish to have the same drink entitlement as the males;
RM110 per quarter for ladies.
Youngsters below the age of 18 cannot be full members, but are welcome as "associates" upon payment of a fee of RM50 per quarter
New members may join PH3 after running two times as a guest, and must pay a registration fee of RM50 in addition to the current quarterly subscription.

Apply for membership

Rules and regulations

Quarterly subscriptions

We are a club, not a pub and not a charity organization. All quarterly subscriptions are due on the first month of each quarter, but you may pay a full year in advance. A surcharge of RM10 will be imposed if payment is not made before the quarter ends and an additional RM10 if paid two months later. No exceptions. The Committee reserves the right to expel members who are in arrears for more than 2 quarters.

Paying Subscriptions

We prefer that you pay by bank transfer, which can be done either on-line or at you local bank ATM paying in machine. Our account details are shown above. If you do insist on paying by Cheque ("Check" for Americans), please make your cheque payable to "Petaling Hash House Harriers". Please note that the bank rejects cheques made payable to "PHHH" or "PH3".

Drinks area

The drinks area is OUT OF BOUNDS to children. Parents, please ensure children are nowhere near the drinks truck. The drinks area is for dispensing drinks to the hashers. It is NOT a shower/washing up area.


All guests present at the runsite, whether running or not, must pay the required guest fee. No drinks will be served before 5:45pm or first runner in (whichever comes first). No unopened cans or bottles should be taken away from the beer truck.

During the circle

It would be greatly appreciated if children AND CHATTY ADULTS can remain quiet during the circle. Dogs, or other pets, for that matter, are NOT allowed at the circle or in the area of the beer truck.