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Please confirm your run and submit your rdirections no later than two weeks before your run. Send by e-mail to the On-Sec. If you for some reason can’t set the run allocated to you, feel free to find somebody to swap with and let the Trailmaster know who you are swapping your run with and on what date . If you are new to setting runs, check this printable Run Guide and enlist the help of a more experienced hasher.

Obtain permission from the land owner or manager to park and use the runsite to avoid any problems such as demands for parking fees.

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Run NoRun DateHareVenueOccasionComicReport
165713 Dec 2008Tommy ChinBukit LagongChristmas Run
181203 Dec 2011Tommy ChinUlu Yam ( Before Chickencoop)
200408 Aug 2015Tommy ChinJanda BaikFishy Run & Durians
155927 Jan 2007Ton VandijkLembah Beringin, Abandon shoplot
182318 Feb 2012Tony MartinezRinching Industrial, Semenyih
156217 Feb 2007Tony MorrisRawang Industrial Estate
135208 Feb 2003Tony Morris
200622 Aug 2015Trudy KnjnenburgTTDI Bukit KiaraFarewell Run
197731 Jan 2015Trudy KnjnenburgDenai Alam (Bukit Subang)
148603 Sep 2005Uncle SooBandar Sri Damansara
209827 May 2017Veron SeahLadang Guru NanakPang SW
182610 Mar 2012Victoria DeSilvaKuang Orang Asli Village
176401 Jan 2011Virginia TanAntara Gapi
Showing 742-754 of 796 items.