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Please confirm your run and submit your rdirections no later than two weeks before your run. Send by e-mail to the On-Sec. If you for some reason can’t set the run allocated to you, feel free to find somebody to swap with and let the Trailmaster know who you are swapping your run with and on what date . If you are new to setting runs, check this printable Run Guide and enlist the help of a more experienced hasher.

Obtain permission from the land owner or manager to park and use the runsite to avoid any problems such as demands for parking fees.

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Run NoRun DateHareVenueOccasionComicReport
188604 May 2013Yoong Nim CheeTiara Kemensah, Melawati
189322 Jun 2013Dan PercivalTiara Kemensah, Melawati
190407 Sep 2013IsaccTiara Kemensah, Melawati
190912 Oct 2013Chris BoydTiara Kemensah, Melawati
191416 Nov 2013Kumar KrishnanTiara Kemensah, Melawati
192028 Dec 2013Charlotte DonvangTiara Kemensah, Melawati
194628 Jun 2014SC CheahTiara Kemensah, Melawati
181019 Nov 2011Jenny LeongTiara Kemensah, Melawati
181631 Dec 2011Roger GregsonTiara Kemensah, Melawati
184521 Jul 2012Jagjit SinghTiara Kemensah, Melawati
200622 Aug 2015Trui KnijnenburgTTDI Bukit KiaraFarewell Run
207012 Nov 2016Ronny NauerTTDI Bukit KiaraThomas Cools' Memorial Run
209506 May 2017David JenkinsTTDI, Hash HeritageChoo NK
Showing 742-754 of 835 items.