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Please confirm your run and submit your rdirections no later than two weeks before your run. Send by e-mail to the On-Sec. If you for some reason can’t set the run allocated to you, feel free to find somebody to swap with and let the Trailmaster know who you are swapping your run with and on what date . If you are new to setting runs, check this printable Run Guide and enlist the help of a more experienced hasher.

Obtain permission from the land owner or manager to park and use the runsite to avoid any problems such as demands for parking fees.

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Run NoRun DateHareVenueOccasionComicReport
216508 Sep 2018Florence LuiUlu Yam - behind schoolJanet S
178925 Jun 2011Rita ScourseUlu Yam ( Before Chickencoop)
181203 Dec 2011Tommy ChinUlu Yam ( Before Chickencoop)
184307 Jul 2012Helen BrooksUlu Yam ( Before Chickencoop)America Day Run
202212 Dec 2015Andy LowUlu Yam (Antara Gapi)
180408 Oct 2011Allie LeeUlu Yam (behind the school
220622 Jun 2019Gary WaringUlu Yam BaruYoong NC
163619 Jul 2008Sheila PayneUlu Yam Baru school
164230 Aug 2008Pei Lynn QuekUlu Yam Baru schoolMerdeka Day Run
167809 May 2009Ted ParslowUlu Yam Baru school
170331 Oct 2009Roberto GuerraUlu Yam Baru school
171630 Jan 2010Michael ChowUlu Yam Baru school
153329 Jul 2006Wu Chee HooUlu Yam Baru school
Showing 898-910 of 939 items.